L-R: Trevor Johanson, Ryan Thompson, Ross Burnett, Aaron Akin

Aaron Akin – Vocals/Guitar
Trevor Johanson – Guitar
Ryan Thompson - Bass
Ross Burnett – Drums

Speed demons and hell-raisers, take heed! Circle-pitting, beer drinking, hair-swinging, spider-fingered goodness, that’s the name of the game for BLACK FAST, America’s newest neo-classic riff masters. Ripping pages from Death's technical death metal guidebook, the St. Louis foursome conjures the spirit of the late, great Chuck Schuldiner while channeling the viciousness of Megadeth's young-and-hungry Dave Mustaine and blistering aggression of Kreator’s Mille Petrozza.

BLACK FAST released their debut album, ‘Terms of Surrender’ on eOne Music in August 2015 and was produced by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal, Six Feet Under, Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse) at Mana Recording Studios. Rutan says, "Black Fast has an amazing blend of heaviness and melody. Their aggressive and raw style has a very unique approach and an immense energy to it.”

Metalsucks says, “Terms of Surrender is a fucking awesome album…Comparisons to Death are abound, and for good reason: there is absolutely no fat on this pig. Like, this is a lean hell-boar with tusks of steel going after your soft flesh in the night. Bow to Black Fast and let it spear you to death!”

Creating a modern twist on the energetic riffs of metal’s glory days, BLACK FAST harness the spirit of their metal forefathers, whether exploring hand-cramp-inducing riffs or blazing through straightforward thrash. ‘Terms of Surrender’ has a hungry ferocity reminiscent of the Bay Area thrash scene, the likes of which haven’t been this raw or hyper-charged in decades. Decibel calls it “ridiculously high raw fury.”

BLACK FAST has the musical chops to move seamlessly between the progressive licks of Voivod and the scorched-earth devastation of vintage Megadeth with reckless abandon and a bleak, yet empowered vibe as wrought by the Midwest.  Noisey says, Black Fast writes “thrash-y riffs that would make Mustaine salivate."

BLACK FAST has been on the road constantly since the release of ‘Terms of Surrender’ in August 2015 sharing stages with Voivod, Revocation, Havok, Hate Eternal, Goatwhore, Vektor, and Battlecross.

In 2013 Metalsucks selected BLACK FAST as one of the best unsigned acts in their 'Unsigned and Unholy' column. The band's self-released EP ‘Starving Out the Light’ won "Best of the Year" nods by Metal Storm and No Clean Singing. “Starve” has become the band’s live calling card in the live setting, connecting with audiences like Black Fast’s very own “Angel of Death.”

Possessed by unbridled energy and a palpable desperation, their fierce vitality does not go unnoticed. Standout tracks “To Propagate the Void” and "I Conspire" highlight the mix of relentless, filthy riffs and full-on swagger that is BLACK FAST.